As a Web designer, I have tried many different approaches to be more profitable in developing websites for my clients.  But wouldn’t it be great if you were given just three things that you could implement right now that would make your business more profitable starting today?

How can I use Divi to build a profitable business?  There are three absolutes that will help you build a profitable business. 

  1. Find out what pains your client, and alleviate that pain.  In building websites, no doubt, the answer lies in creating content for your client.
  2. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and resources by implementing Divi Layout Packs and modifying them to meet your client’s needs.
  3. Always have something to offer your client, something that will either take them to the next level, or something that will save them time and energy so that they can tend to the needs of their business.

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Create Content for Your Client

With a little practice each day, you can become a Divi Master. in time, you may find that you have become extremely proficient in using Divi to knock out sites quickly and efficiently.

Without question, the hardest part of developing a website for your client is obtaining content from the client.

You may develop a phenomenal design that your client absolutely loves, hit milestones way ahead of schedule, have the layout and graphics complete, and find that the only thing holding you up from delivering the site to the client is the content . . . that they said they would get to you.

Instead of contractually setting yourself up for disappointment, let me offer some tips that will help you avoid the aggravation of having to wait to get your client’s content. After all, you want to finish the project and get paid. When the client delays in getting you content, this can frustrate you to no end.  Before I offer you a solution to this problem, let’s first talk about why this happens.

The reason that you always have to wait for content, is because it’s the hardest thing for the client to provide.

Let’s assume you build a website for a construction company.  Writing is not their strong point.  Construction is.  Or, if you were to build a smaller site for a plumber who is trying to make a name for himself, you are going to be hard pressed to get content from him.  Why?  Because he’s a plumber, not a writer.

The truth of the matter is that your client does not know what to write, and more often than not, they don’t know how to write for the web.

Knowing this may bring some understanding, and perhaps some empathy toward your client.  If they knew how, or if they were comfortable in providing you content, they would not delay or hesitate in getting it to you right away.

If I may, let me offer as solution to this problem.  Let me show you how you can make them happy, but also make money at the same time.

Here’s the big secret.  Create their content for them.  Of course you don’t know their business, but you don’t have to.  That’s what is ingenious about this plan.

Ask your client if you can interview them.

Provide a very large list of questions that you will be asking your client and give it to them well in advance.  Follow up with them prior to your appointment to ensure that they have read all of the questions you are going to ask them in your formal face-to-face interview.  Be sure to ask them if they understand all of the questions that you have provided them with, and clarify anything that they bring to your attention.

When you meet with them, be sure to do so in a quiet environment where you will not be interrupted.  A local coffee shop is NOT the place to interview your client, as it is entirely way too noisy and disruptive, let alone distracting.  You can meet them at their office, as long as it is understood that you are not to be interrupted during the interview.  The higher the importance you place on this interview, the more you convey just how important is it that you clearly communicate who they are and what they offer to their target audience.

You want to make certain that you record the entire interview from start to finish.  Once recorded, you will then be able to have the recording transcribed and use that transcription to write the content for their site.

When you do interview your client, remind that you will be recording the interview when you pull out your cell phone, open up the Recorder app and start recording.  You will wan to place your phone on the table face down, so as not to be a distraction.  You do not want to use an MP3 player to record the interview because it may be intimidating given that it’s not a familiar device for most people.  Everyone has a cell phone.

You should thoroughly rehearse your questions in advance to ensure that your conversation flows.  Interview like a professional.  Think of how professional news anchors interview the President of the United States during a sit-down interview.  The more professional you approach you questions, the more thought will be given to the answers you receive, which will make your job a LOT easier when writing the content for the website.  If you say, “OK, next question . . . “, and start off every question in that manner, you will get choppy answers that are not well thought out.  The same applies if you are laughing out of nervousness when asking your questions.

When you ask your questions, DO NOT TAKE NOTES.  This is NOT the time to take notes.  The whole purpose of recording the interview is to make for a smooth conversation.  Taking notes defeats the purpose of recording the interview, not to mention it is distracting to the one you are interviewing.

Keep the interview to no more than one hour, (in all likelihood, it will probably take no more than 30 minutes).  Be sure to let your client know up font that you respect their time and will limit the interview to no more than 1 hour.

Finally, do your homework.  Do not wing it.  Research their company and find out everything you can about the person you are interviewing and the company for which this website will represent.  If you are going to “wing it”, don’t even bother.  You will hurt your client and your reputation at the same time.  If they have an existing website, read every word of that website and glean as much as you can before the interview.  If you have done your homework, the client will easily be able to tell by the questions you ask.  This will, in turn, earn you respect with your client and will certainly build your reputation.  Doing your homework shows that you really do care.

Save Time, Money, and Resources Using Divi Layout Packs

I have written extensively on this very topic in an article entitled, “4 Ways Divi Layout Packs Will Make You Money”.  In it I show how Divi Layout Packs pay for themselves after one use.  I also discuss how using them will change your focus from building a website to building a client, (which in turn, will give you more clients).  Finally, in that article I talk about how much time you will save by using the Divi Layout Pack, and how you will save money by not having to hire a graphics artist.

All of that is absolutely true, and frankly, you should read it.  It’s a great article.  But I’d like to give you more.

Let’s talk about leverage.  Leverage is everything.  When you make it a part of the way you think, you will wake up each day asking yourself, “How can I leverage what I already have?”  You will find yourself making wise decisions.  You no longer will be thinking for the moment. Instead, you will be think how you can reproduce with what you already have available to you.

It’s important to note that Leverage is taking what you already have, and finding ways to reproduce something from it.

For example, if a kid saves $5.00, and spends that $5.00 on supplies for a lemonade stand, and then sells 25 cups of lemonade for .50 cents a piece, he will have made $12.50.  In this analogy, the kid took what he had, ($5.00), and turned it into $12.50.  That’s leveraging what you have.

You can make your business profitable by leveraging Divi Layout Packs.  You won’t have to build something from scratch, you can use any one of the close to 100 Divi Layout Packs which will save you both time and money.

You would be wise to leverage the Divi Layout Packs because you can use it as a starting point to build your site from.  You can modify as much or as little as you want.  If you don’t want to modify anything, you don’t have to, you can use them just as they are.  Move things around, add or delete anything you want.  All the images are completely free, even after your membership expires.  You can even use images from other Divi Layout Packs on the Divi Layout Pack you choose.  Once a subscriber of Elegant Themes, everything you use for your client belongs to your client forever.

The Sale Never Ends

If you want to build a profitable business, you always have to be anticipating the needs of your client.  You can’t afford to simply finish the website and be done with your client.  Once your client, always your client.  You should always try to anticipate the needs of your client, and of course, you can only do this by regularly keeping in touch with them.

When you finish building the website and officially launch it, you need to intentionally follow up with your client, and frequently.  You can not afford to think of it as being “over”.  The reason is simple.  If you are attentive to your client prior to the launch, and regularly after the launch, you will become your client’s “Web Guy”.  When they have a need to update their website, they will call on you.  If they want another website, they will call on you.  If one of their friends need a “Web Guy”, your name will come up every time.

Having an attitude of a servant will go a long way with your client.  Not only will they be happy with you, but they will drive business to you.

Related Questions

How do I become a successful Divi web designer?
In order to be a successful Divi web designer, you must first master the tool itself.  Invest at least an hour a day into fine-tuning your skill-set.  By far, the next best thing that you can do is to look for opportunities to serve your existing clients as they will be your number one source for bringing in new clients.

How can I grow my Divi Web design business?
You can differentiate yourself from every other web designer out there by capitalizing on serving the client.  There are always going to be more creative designers, but you can always win by proactively serving your client.