There has been a lot of talk about what a membership with Elegant Themes looks like, and what is included with it.

Why should you get a membership with Elegant Themes?  Without any hype, I’m going to share my top 7 reasons why you should consider becoming a member of Elegant Themes. 

I can’t promise that I won’t get excited, but I will promise that everything I’m sharing is absolutely true.

Below are the topics of discussion in this article.  Feel free to click on  any one of the following links to skip to that section.

Divi is Constantly Being Updated

One of the first things that I do when I find a plugin or tool that I can use to build websites, is to see when the last time it that tool or plugin was updated.  The reason that I do this is because it tells me how active the developer is and how responsive they are to their client’s needs.

I love that Divi is constantly being updated.  This does not tell me that the development team is lazy in their coding practices.  On the contrary, it tells me that they are looking to swash bugs and add more features.

If you ever want to know how often they are releasing updates to Divi, you can simply visit their website,, and click on the small CHAT icon on the lower right side of the screen (this even displays on mobile devices and tablets).

After clicking not the CHAT icon, enter ‘Divi Update Status” in the search field displayed.  You will find the last 5 or so updates offered, the dates that they were released and what each version number addressed.

For example, as you can see from the screenshot below, on August 30th, 2018, they released the “Column Layouts” feature, and there were no critical issues reported.  Then 2 days later, they released an update that probably squashed bugs.  5 days after that, they rolled out a HUGE feature called, “Extend Styles”, and 7 days later another huge feature called, “Bulk Editing and Multi-Select”.

With each “update”, it almost feels like Christmas, (or my Birthday), because I know that I’m almost always going to get more “goodies” with each update!  Look how often Christmas comes!  We got three BIG features in the span of two weeks!

Now, admittedly, this does not happen this often with features this big, but it sure feels like we are constantly being treated to new features with every release.  That’s just awesome.

You Get Access To the Elegant Theme Plugins

Currently, Elegant Themes has three Premium WordPress Plugins.  They are Divi Builder, Bloom, and Monarch.  You might think, ‘That’s it?’  What you may not realize, however, is that these three plugins are the best in the industry in their respective field.

For example, Monarch is arguably the best social media sharing plugin for WordPress.  It is very powerful and incredibly easy to implement on your site.  It was built to get you more shares and more followers using highly effective social sharing methods.”*

Bloom is an incredibly powerful email opt-in plugin that allows you to “easily add opt-in forms to your website and harness complete control over the design and location of each form.”*

I love the flexibility that this plugin allows for.  It has so many layout options for you to choose from, and if those layouts were not sufficient, they even allow you to choose your own colors if your want.

The Divi Builder plugin is a stand-alone Drag & Drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme.”*  Following in the shadow of the Divi Theme, this plugin allows you to apply nearly all of the functionality of the Divi theme to any WordPress website.

If you already have a website that you are heavily invested in, you can simply install the Divi plugin, and use it as the page-builder for that site.  Just incredible.

You Get Access to Over 87 Layout Packs and Counting

I love the thinking behind Elegant Themes.  They knew that they had landed on something HUGE when they built the Divi Theme.

The Divi Theme wasn’t just one theme, it was whatever theme you could create.  They had built a tool that would allow you to build pretty much anything you wanted to build.

But that wasn’t good enough.  That alone would not connect with the WordPress community.  That alone was not going to launch their company into the stratosphere.  They recognized that they needed to use that tool (Divi), to build layouts for their users, who could then customize these pre-defined layouts to their liking.

So they proceeded to launch what they call Layout Packs.  Currently they have about 87+ layout packs (for lack of better terminology, they are like Divi templates).  Each layout pack has several pages to complete your website.  For example, you will find that each has a Homepage, a Contact page, Services page, About Page, and perhaps a Portfolio page and / or additional pages (depending on the specific layout pack theme being used).

One thing that I love about the layout packs is that as a member, I can use any of them or all of them.  Heck, I can even use a combination of them on my site.  I might like the homepage of one layout pack but the Services page from another layout pack.

All of the images provided in each layout pack are mine for the taking.  They are absolutely royalty free to use on as many websites as I want.

You Get 2 New Layout Packs Each Week!

When Elegant Themes initially launched the Layout Packs, they were delivering one new layout pack each week.  They were proving that their own model works.  You really can build quality sites this fast with Divi!

Recently, they have doubled that. 

Elegant Themes is now delivering about 2 new layout packs each week.

You can tell by visiting their blog and in addition to the “how to” articles that they write, they release roughly 2 new layout packs each week.

These Layout Packs are not just “thrown together” either. They are well thought out and offer stunning graphics for the industry that a given layout pack is designed for. For example, recently, they came out with a layout pack for a Dentist’s Office. The entire layout pack is designed specifically for Dentist offices. You can use their high quality images or replace them entirely. Most people, however, will simply replace the personal office images, like the Dentist and assistants, and perhaps use a few office shots.

As a member, I don’t just get what has already been released.  I get access to any and all layout packs and plugins that they deliver for the life of my subscription!  How do you beat that?

You Get Unlimited Use of Divi and Elegant Theme Plugins

I’ve briefly mentioned this already, but as a member, you get to use as many layout packs as you wish on any site that you build, (and the layout packs and plugins won’t stop working after your membership expires!).  You can even mix and match layout packs, and apply the plugins to any site.  There are no limitations. Let that set in for a minute 😉

If you like the homepage on one Layout Pack, and the Services page on another Layout Pack, you can use both, because you get to apply any of the hundreds of available pages within each Layout Pack to any page that you create.  It’s that flexible.

Earlier, I mentioned that all of the images provided in each layout pack are mine for the taking.  They are absolutely royalty free to use on as many websites you like.  Again, the image that they provide, were not taken by a newbie photographer.   They are professional looking and will only bolster your reputation for provide quality images on the sites you provide for your clients.

Customer Service is Outstanding

For me, when it comes to determining if I want to do business with a given company, customer service is way up there at the top of my list.  I once called a company who was based in the Netherlands at about 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, just to see how many rings it would take for them to answer the phone.  To my surprise, they picked up on the third ring and spoke English.  I was sold, and gave them my business for several years.

Though Elegant Themes does not offer phone support, they do offer 5 different means of getting assistance when you need it.  They are follows:

If you have ANY question about anything, you can first try chatting with a Customer Service representative by simply clicking on the pink CHAT icon at the bottom right hand side of pretty much any page on their website.  If they do not have the answer for you right there, they will direct you to someone who can answer your question.

Community Forums
Before CHAT took center stage, they offered support by way of the Forums.  They no longer do that, (they have since upgraded their support), but they have opened up the Forums to the Community (hence, “Community Forums”), so that other users of their Themes and plugins can help you should you have a need or want to help another member of the Community.

The documentation provided by Elegant Themes is Second to none.  You can search for anything related to Divi and come up with several search results pertaining to the topic at hand. These results are usually tutorials, that offer step-by-step instructions. Anyone that uses Divi, should definitely bookmark their Documentation page.

Email Support
I have e-mailed Elegant Themes and have been granted a solution to the problem that I had, all within 24 hours.  I was thrilled.

Support Center
This is where you can install a plugin that they provide, and when you activate the plugin, it provides a token that you then send to them which is only good for 3 days.  This token then grants them access to the back-end of your site where they can fix whatever issue is that you are having.I can tell you, this is GENIOUS of Elegant Themes to implement.  You no longer have to try to explain how you broke it and what you did to try to fix it.  They can go in and fix away!  It’s GREAT!

Elegant Themes Offers 2 Different Types of Membership

The business model used by Elegant Themes is very different from most theme developers.  They make their themes and plugins available for you to use for the life of your subscription. You don’t have to pay per site, and you are not limited to how many times you use of any of their themes or plugins.

Elegant Themes offers two types of Membership.  An annual subscription, and a life-time subscription.  Regardless of whether you choose their Annual Membership plan or their Lifetime Membership plan, both plans offer the exact same thing.  You get all of the following:

  • Access to all Themes
  • Access to all Plugins
  • Theme updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee**

The first type of membership that they offer, (and most popular), is their Annual Membership.  It is the most popular plan, but the life-time membership is by far the better value., (more on that in a minute).

If you are undecided about getting a life-time membership, and choose to get the Annual Membership plan, and then decide at any time during that annual subscription that you want to change your subscription to a life-time membership, simply ask them and they will pro-rate your account!

So, for example, if you sign up for the annual membership, you will pay $89.  But let’s say that six months later, you decide to purchase the life-time membership.  But the life-time membership costs $249.  Elegant Themes will apply the remaining balance ($44.50), from the time remaining on your existing annual membership, and apply that to your life-time membership plan.  In this scenario, that would mean that you would only pay $204.50 to “upgrade” to the life-time membership!

Let me be clear, if you choose to purchase an annual subscription, you will have access to any and all Layout Packs or Plugins that they offer for the duration of your subscription.  That includes anything that they have developed in the past, or what they develop during your annual subscription.

If you choose the Lifetime membership, (the better value), you get access to anything they ever have created or ever will create, period.  For those who build websites for a living, this is a “no-brainer” decision.  If you are unsure, you can ‘upgrade’ your membership at any time, just ask them.  As a Lifetime member myself, I soooooo feel like I’m getting way more than my money’s worth.

* Elegant Themes Plugins
** Elegant Themes offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your membership, they will refund your purchase. No questions asked!

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What is the biggest benefit of an Elegant Themes Subscription?
Though there are numerous benefits of obtaining a subscription with Elegant Themes, perhaps the biggest benefit is that your subscription includes everything that will be released, updated, and invented, for the life of your subscription.

What differentiates Elegant Themes from other WordPress companies?
Elegant Themes delivers excellence, and supports everything they deliver.  This means that as a subscriber, you can get free support regarding anything related to the use of the products they have delivered in the past or may release in the future.