There are countless companies that want to sell you their product, and will even woo you with a song and dance to get you to buy their product. And as soon as give them your money, the music stops, and they are no where to be found. Not so with Elegant Themes.

If you hear music and dancing, note where it’s coming from.  The music and dancing is coming from the members of Elegant Themes.  You can always tell what separates an average company from a really good company. The really good company will service your needs well after the sale. The average company won’t care.  Elegant Themes clearly fits into the prior category. In this article, I’ll explain why.

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Elegant Themes Offers Stunningly Well Written Blog Articles

Did you know that Elegant Themes now allows for outside sources to write their Blog articles? One April 6, 2018, they opened up their blog allowing for open submissions. In fact, if they publish an article that you have written, they will pay you $250!

What does this mean for you? It means that you are going to see incredibly well written articles that are unique (you can’t write on something that someone else has already written on). These articles are produced by freelance authors who know their products inside and out. Yes, many of these articles are written by fans of Elegant Themes, and they write all kinds of articles related to Divi, the plug-ins they offer, and practical advise on how one might use Divi and these plugins in the real world.

I love the depth that they go into. Most of the articles offer step-by-step instructions complete with screenshots. They walk you through the process, demonstrating how to build whatever the topic at hand is, so that you can implement it on your own site.

I have seen these blog articles released at least once a week, sometimes, twice a week. They provide great insight, and frankly, are very inspiring. They reassure the reader that they too, can build websites using the techniques that the professionals use. It’s FREE EDUCATION!

Every time a new article is posted, I race to read it, and more often than not, I think, “Wait, . . . you can do that with Divi?!” This tool never ceases to amaze me, and I love seeing how other people are using it.

Reading each blog article is like attending a college class. It might take 30 to 45 minutes to get through, but the wealth of education your will glean makes it well worth the investment of your time. You can then take what you have learned and apply it on your current site, or your next client’s site.

What impresses me most, is that Elegant Themes cares enough about their customer base to ensure that they provide the BEST articles from authors who breathe Divi day in and day out.

The Documentation Available on is Second to None

If you want to know about any product, or a way to use any of their products, . . . . , or any other the other plugin offered by Elegant Themes, check out the documentation section on their website.

From the Documentation landing page, you can enter your search query there, or click on any one of the following sections to narrow the focus of your search.  They even have a section for Developers who want to build plugins for use with Divi! Who does that!?

  • Divi – The Divi Theme.
  • Extra – A Magazine Style Theme with the Divi Builder built in.
  • Bloom – The ultimate email opt-in plugin for WordPress.
  • Monarch – The best social sharing plugin for WordPress
  • Divi Builder – A stand-alone Drag & Drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme.

If I wanted to learn more about Divi, I would click on the Divi section in the main menu.

From there, I would be presented with 6 “Tutorial Collections“. They are as follows:

Within each of these 6 Tutorial Collections are dozens of tutorials related to the topic in question. Again, FREE EDUCATION!  People pay good money to train you how to do what Elegant Themes offers for free!  If you really want to learn Divi, you will absolutely spend time here.  Even if you just went through ONE tutorial a day, in 30 days you would have a wealth of information to use on your own site, or on your client’s site.

Elegant Themes Offers Outstanding Support

Think that’s just a nice tag line? It’s absolutely true. Let me tell you my story, but before I begin, understand that the Staff at Elegant Themes does know me from a hole in the wall. In fact, they know me about as well as they know you.  I’m just one of the thousands of users who have “chatted” questions to them from the little pink chat icon at the bottom right hand side of the home page.

At the time, I wanted to see how I could change my blog from the three column (plus the side column) to a two column (plus side column) display. I didn’t know if Divi allowed for it, or if it would require custom CSS.

It required custom CSS. Not only did they help me, but they sent me 14 lines of custom CSS 3 times until they got it right. From the time we started corresponding until it worked, less than 24 hours had transpired. How much did that cost me? Nothing. They did it for free. This is how they operate.

Their “Support Team” truly is there to Support their end users.

At other times, I have asked how to change something that I had no idea how to change, or where to look to find out how to change it, and they were quick to assist, showing me the setting that needed to be adjusted in Divi to make it work.

As a subscriber, if the problem you are facing is an issue that requires a detailed explanation, something that you can’t effectively communicate about while “chatting”, you can open up a ticket providing them with a “Support Token”.

Elegant Themes has created a support plug-in that allows you to generate a new “secret token”.  This secret token will create an admin account that their support team can use to log in to your WordPress Dashboard.  The purpose of this plugin is to be able to create an account without  sharing the password.  Instead, a secret token is created that can be shared with their team that will allow them access for a limited time.

After they have finished assisting you, you can disable the plugin to automatically remove the new account.  Tokens created using this plugin will expire after 4 days, after which a new token will need to be generated in order to grant access again.

To utilize this plugin, from the WordPress Dashboard, click PLUGINS > INSTALLED PLUGINS.  You’ll then see the installed plugin, as shown below.

After you click the “Settings” link, you will see the screen below with a generated secret token.  You can then copy that token and send it to Elegant Themes granting them full access to the backend of your website so that they can fix whatever issue you may have.

If they finish the job any time within 4 days, you can delete the token (by clicking the button shown above), or let it automatically expire after 4 days (96 hours).

It is this type of “Support” that you can expect from Elegant Themes.  Clearly, they are committed to helping you learn Divi and all that their product line has to offer.

Related Questions

What is the best way to learn Divi?
The more you play with Divi, the more efficient you will become in using Divi.  If you spend an hour a day using the tool to build or modify existing pages, you will be able to build or modify pages very quickly.  The more efficient you become, the more money you can make in building sites.

What type of assistance does Elegant Themes offer to help you learn Divi?
Elegant Themes writes at least one Blog article a week, but usually two or three.  These articles are exceptionally helpful in learning how to expand your knowledge and understanding in using Divi.  They also offer incredible documentation on their site, all available for free.