The Extra theme by Elegant Themes is simply outstanding.  It’s so incredibly feature rich and offers tremendous benefits like the Category Builder and story-driven content that will draw your readers in.  This magazine-style theme is arguably the best WordPress blog theme available on the market, even 3 years after its initial release.

What distinguishes the Extra theme from other magazine layouts is that it offers incredible flexibility, placing the priority on content.  It is easier to  connect with your readers, allowing you to build story-driven posts that are incredibly visually appealing, make the reader feel like they have stuck gold by reading what you have to say.

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Extra Proves the Divi Builder Concept Works

Elegant Themes built Extra from the ground up, basing it entirely on the Divi Builder framework.  According to Nick Roach, founder of Elegant Themes, he wrote in an article entitled, Extra Has Arrived—Say Hello To Our Most Powerful Magazine Theme Yet, Powered By The Divi Builder,  “Extra is the perfect proof-of-concept for what a custom Divi Builder theme can be“.  In that same article, we went on to write:

We are happy to showcase how the Divi Builder can be modified in hopes that developers will be encouraged to do the same as they build their own custom Divi Builder extensions. The Extra Theme is much like Divi, except that it leverages the Divi Builder in different ways and wraps it up in a brand new package that focuses on the needs of online publications. So what can you expect? Extra is like Divi, except built for magazine-style websites.

In building the Extra Theme, Nick and his team have demonstrated that the Divi Builder framework is fully capable of handling massive amounts of information and organizing that information into categories for easy accessibility.

Extra Offers Completely Different Layouts

I absolutely love that this theme allows for multiple homepage layouts.  It all depends on the needs of your client, but boy, do you have options!  Take a look at the following available layouts!

Of course, you can also modify any of the above layouts to your liking.  Add sections, move sections, or delete them altogether.  The choice is yours.  Flexibility is a major strong point in the Extra theme.

What Makes Extra So . . . “Extra”?

What is Extra?  In short, Extra is a WordPress theme that was designed specifically for heavy bloggers and online publications.  This long anticipated theme was created by Elegant Themes and finally launched on December 16, 2015.  It is arguably the most powerful WordPress magazine theme available today.

Elegant Themes has introduced the Category Builder.  It is the main innovation in Extra, “which is an extension of the Divi Builder with a new set of modules that can be used to build a variety of different homepage and category designs.”

The Category Builder now offers a brand new set of Divi Builder modules.  Each of these modules display posts in their own unique way, but the best part is that each module will display flawlessly in any sized column on any device!  Yes, they will even work on your cell phone 🙂

If you like, you can click here to watch the Category Builder overview.  There are numerous other features unique to the Extra theme, available to you, too many to list here in this article, however, I strongly encourage you to read this blog post by Nick Roach, where he introduces all the features of the Extra theme.

Now that we have briefly described what it is, and what one can do with it, I want to show you how you can leverage the Extra theme to your advantage.

Extra Places the Priority on Content

Content is KING with the Extra theme.  When you think of it, what would the internet be if there were no content?  You would have YouTube and gallery websites, (but no way to navigate those sites).  In today’s world, information is king.  On the internet, that means that the written word is powerful.

When you write something on a given subject, you want people to be able to find that information, and you want it organized in such a way that visitors to your site can find related information.  That is precisely what the Extra theme from Elegant Themes does.

Extra organizes your content into categories making related content easily accessible. 

This, is the secret sauce of the Extra theme.  It’s what makes Extra so tasty!  Not only does it display your content in different categories, but for easy reference, these categories are color coordinated, and you even get to choose the color that each category!

Related content is the bread and butter of this theme.  It’s focus on content is what distinguishes it from other WordPress blogging themes.  There are a lot of blogging themes out there, but Extra is powerful, incredibly flexible and aesthetically polished.

At the bottom of each and every article, you will find a “Related Posts” section.  This will display the newest 4 related posts (only 3 are displayed in the picture above because there are only 3 other related posts on the sample site I pulled this image from).

Is Extra a workhorse?  You bet it is.  If I were to compare it to a truck, it might be the Chevy Silverado, awarded the “Most Dependable Compact SUV, Midsize Car, Large Light Duty Pickup and Midsize SUV” of 2018.  The Extra theme can manage an enormous amount of content, and is very reliable and dependable.

Extra Allows You to Connect with Your Readers

Extra offers it’s readers that ability to view related content.  This is huge.  Think of it.  It’s already difficult to find well written content related to a given topic, but when your reader find a site that offers related content to the topic at hand, they feel like they have just struck gold.  Your want your readers to feel that when they read your content.  Extra delivers.

The Extra theme has a built-in ratings system and social media integration.  However, this is pretty much a one way relationship.  Yes, the reader can rate an article you post, and even share it, but there is no interaction on your part.  But with Extra, your readers are given the ability to leave comments about the articles that you have written.  You can, of course, either allow them to automatically be displayed when they comment, or approve you can approve them before they are posted.

One really great benefit that Extra offers is that it gives you, the author of the article, the opportunity to reply to a user’s comment.  This offers more insight into you, the author, as your visitors read how you reply to both criticism and compliments.  I for one, always read how an author replies to criticism.  It tell me a lot about him as a person, about his company, and his vision for the future.

Build Story-Driven Posts That Come Alive

A story-driven post, is a post that appeals to the eye causing the reader to want more.  For example, if when scrolling down a page that you are reading, you find images that  fly in from the side, or text that fades into existence, you will find yourself interacting in the what you are reading.  Using the Divi Builder in this way adds punch to the what you are reading, truly engaging the reader.

If you click on any one of the story-driven posts below, you will get the full effect of what I am referencing on the “Extra” sample posts found in the Demo at  I like what they did with the Pasta post and the Salad post.  They both just seem to be a bit more engaging to me, personally.  And that’s the point.  Engaging the reader is the goal of story-driven content.

You just can’t do that with the default WordPress editor.  But you can with the Divi Builder.  Story-driven blog posts breathe life into what you are writing about, and though they may take a little more time to create, it’s not as much time as you might think.  Again, thanks to the built-in Divi Builder.

Again, I strongly encourage you to read this blog post by Nick Roach, where he introduces all the features of the Extra theme.  Because the Extra theme places such a high priority on content, you can engage your readers by writing story-driven posts where your users can rate an article you post, and hopefully share that article all from within the article itself.

How Do I Get the Extra Theme?

If you would like to use the Extra theme, you will need to become a member of Elegant Themes.  For your convenience, Elegant Themes offers two types of memberships:  An Annual membership and a Lifetime membership.  The annual membership costs $89 a year, and the lifetime membership costs $249.  Each membership plan offers you everything Elegant Themes has to offer for the life of your subscription plan.

At the conclusion of the annual subscription, the only thing that expires is the support offered, and any updates to their products.  And yes, I said that right, you get access to ALL products that Elegant Themes offers!  That means everything they have already created and everything they will create during your subscription!

Might you be able to use the Extra theme on your next project?  Would your client benefit from well written animated story-driven content?  If you would like to purchase the Extra theme, you can get it by purchasing an Elegant Themes membership.  Elegant Themes offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you are not happy with it for ANY reason, you can get a full refund.  You won’t receive a phone call trying to convince you to keep it.  You just all of your money back, no questions asked.  You even get to keep the Extra theme if you are not happy with your membership!

Related Questions

Why is Extra! the best Magazine theme?
The Extra! Magazine theme is an incredibly flexible theme that allows one to completely change the layout of their entire homepage with just a few clicks. The second reason that the Extra! theme is one of the best Magazine themes available today is due to all of the features packed into this theme.  It’s well worth your time.

What makes the Extra! theme so powerful?
The Extra! theme is extremely polished and mature.  It’s as if they thought of everything when building it, given that it provides all the functionality you would want in a magazine theme.  Additionally, it is flexible enough for a small blog, or a massive magazine site.