Divi is a powerful tool, one that will allow you to build sites fast . . . very fast.  But how can you learn Divi fast?

The best way to learn Divi is to read the tutorials that Elegant Themes offers, and then practice implementing what you have learned, because until you can demonstrate it, you have not learned it.

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Obtaining Divi Does Not Mean You Have Mastered Divi

I can’t tell you just how many times I have purchased something, believing that once I have obtained it, I would have somehow magically mastered whatever it is that I had purchased.  I bought the Apple Pencil when it came out.  After getting it, I was actually surprised at just how much I sucked at drawing.

So then I bought both the Desktop version and IOS version of Procreate, an incredible piece of software for drawing, and you know what?  I STILL sucked at drawing!  To make matters worse, I then purchased Affinity Photo (another incredibly powerful piece of software that rivals Adobe Photoshop), believing that it would make me a better artist!  Guess what happened? Nothing! I STILL sucked at drawing!

Why is it that we think that if we obtain something, that just by owning it, that we have mastered it?

Perhaps we fall for the marketing of that given product. I remember reading lots of reviews and watching a lot of YouTube videos that demonstrated how easy the Apple Pencil was to use. Everything they drew was perfect, so . . . naturally, I thought that if I got the Apple, I would be able to draw like every commercial and YouTube video I had seen. Why wouldn’t I be able to? After all, it was the Apple Pencil.

Do you see how ridiculous that reasoning is? “If I buy it, I’ve mastered it”. Just because you buy a hammer does not make you an Architect. Just because you have a kitchen in your house does not make you a Master Chef. Just because you purchase a Divi subscription, does not mean that you have automatically become a Divi Ninja Master, . . . but you can be. But before we get to the “how”, let’s talk about why you might want to master Divi.

Why Would I Want To Build Websites Faster?

Let’s begin by first defining what I mean by the word, “fast”. When building websites “faster”, I do not mean building sites quickly at the expense of excellence. I do mean, however, that you can build websites with excellence, ensuring that every module shares the same settings as other modules of the same type. Fast does not mean sloppy. At all. When I refer to building websites fast, I mean, that you can build sites that are clean, efficient and professional looking, and at the same time, build these sites quickly.

More clients means more money in your pocket. It’s that simple.

Here’s the thing: If you can efficiently create websites, you can earn more money by taking on more clients.

One final note here. Keep in mind that if you are able to develop sites quickly, it won’t be long before your reputation precedes you. The better your reputation, the more clients you get, and the more clients you get, the more money in your pocket.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Divi?

The best way to learn Divi is to read the tutorials that Elegant Themes offers, and then practice implementing what you have learned.

I have found that most companies are only concerned with the bottom line.  Most companies only want to support you to the point of sale, and once that sale is complete, these companies want little, if anything to do with you.

Elegant Themes is one of the exceptions to this rule.  The evidence is found in how they  approach their customers AFTER the sale.  They want you to succeed and have a GREAT experience in using Divi.  They listen to their customers and provide EXCELLENT support for their products.

The documentation found on their website is second to none.  They have spent countless hours offering both video tutorials and step-by-step written documentation that shows you how to use every aspect of Divi and their plugins.

I can’t over-emphasize just how important it is to go through all of the documentation that they offer on their site.  You will gain incredible insight.  However, reading is not enough.  Reading alone, is the “obtaining”, thinking that you have “mastered” what you have read, by simply reading it.  Not so.

You must put into practice what you have read in these tutorials.  Follow the steps offered in the documentation, and create a test page and then implement what you have learned.

Until you can demonstrate it, you have not learned it.

Build a test page, implementing what you have learned.  Then delete the page and create a new test page.  Now do it again.  Implement what you have learned on this new test page.  Do this 10 times in a row.  I promise that by the 9th time, you will have at least doubled the speed of implementation.

Then go show your kids, building it from scratch.  Do it again for your spouse.  The encouragement you receive from them will inspire you to do it again with the next feature that you learn.

How Long Will It Take To Learn Divi?

Before we can answer this question, you need to recognize where you want to go. In other words, are you simply looking to learn the basics, or are you looking to become a Divi Master? Your approach to learning will determine how long it will take to learn. Let me ask a few probing questions.

How committed are you to practicing your what you have learned?

That is the real question. It’s about your commitment to learn. You will find that the more committed you are to learning everything you can about Divi, the faster you will learn it.

For example, if you read everything you can from every source you can find, and if you watch every YouTube video you can find on Divi, you will learn about what it can do and how to build it. But again, you have to be able to demonstrate it before you will have learned it.

If however, you really don’t want to invest yourself in learning all that Divi offers, then you can learn the basics in about an hour or two. Keep in mind, what you will be able to deliver to your client is “about an hour or two” of knowledge. The more you know, the more you can demonstrate, the more clients you will have.

I would encourage you to not think short-term, but instead to invest in your future by committing yourself to learning something new about Divi every day. The best place to start is in their own documentation, as mentioned above.

What Can I Do To Hone My Divi Skills?

Each week, Divi releases a new tutorial, which can be found on their blob. It’s important to not only read the tutorial offered, but walk through the tutorial doing what they are doing, ensuring that you come up with the same end result. And then do it again. And again. Remember, you have not learned anything until you can demonstrate it.

You do not need to wait to gain clients in order to build your portfolio. Here’s what you can do: Re-create a popular website and use it in your portfolio. By no means am I encouraging you to plagiarise. On the contrary, make it VERY obvious that you are NOT plagiarizing by telling the reader up front that you did not create the original website for XYZ company. Instead let them know that you have “re-created” that popular website using Divi.

When you can show potential clients that you can build VERY popular websites, they will not only be impressed, but you will have added credibility to yourself. The more obvious you make it for your visitor to see that you did NOT create the original website, but instead, re-created it, the more credibility and respect you earn.

When you do this, you put yourself in another league. Visitors to your site will think, “Wow, he can do that?!?” Regardless of how difficult the site is to build, the fact that you were able to re-create a site that a company like “Apple”, or “Nike” has built, definitely brings out the “wow” effect from your visitors. There probably is no greater selling point than to demonstrate to your potential clients that you can re-create what billion dollar companies can build.

Related Questions

What does it take to learn Divi?
You don’t need to have graduated from college, or high-school for that matter.  You don’t need to know ANY programming languages either.  You do, however, need to be committed to learning.  You eat an Elephant one bite at a time.

What can I realistically learn in 30 days
If you commit to set an hour aside each day for 30 days, read through all the documentation offered by Elegant Themes, and watch the videos that Elegant Themes offers on a weekly bases via their blog, you will find that you will become very proficient in using Divi quickly.