Elegant Themes has a fantastic membership plan.  In fact, they have two plans that they offer.  You get everything they ever have created or will create as long as you are a member.

To the point, Elegant Themes offers two types of memberships:  An annual membership and a lifetime membership.  The annual membership costs $89 a year, and the lifetime membership costs $249.  Each membership plan offers you everything Elegant Themes has to offer for the life of your subscription plan.

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Why Would I Pay for a Page Builder?

If you are asking yourself this question, it may be that you do not understand just how much time that a page builder will save you, or the creativity that is unleashed in using one.

Page builders make building websites so much easier, especially if the page builder you are using allows for real-time interaction.  For example, being able to lay out a page by dragging and dropping modules onto the page just the way you want, and then being able to re-arranging them on the fly is just plain fun!

When using Divi Visual Builder, (the Divi page builder), there is no need to save the page, only to refresh the page in your browser to see what it will look like.  You design in real-time.

Using the Divi Visual Builder is similar to using Microsoft Word.  Whatever you type in Microsoft Word, is what you get.  Whatever size and color that you type, is the size and color that the document will look like when you print it.  In the same way, when you design in real-time with the Divi Visual Builder, your web-page will look exactly like the page that you design.

The convenience and ease of use make it well worth the investment because you will naturally find yourself trying new ways to layout your page until it looks exactly like you want it to look.

Why Use the Divi Theme?

The Divi theme is not just one theme.  It is numerous themes in one because it is only limited by your imagination.  In other words, this one theme allows you to build any layout you desire, customizing it to your heart’s content, on as many websites as you desire.

The Divi Theme redefines what a “theme” is.  Perhaps it would be better understood if it were referred to as, “Divi Creator”, because you can create pretty much anything you can imagine using Divi.

No limits.  Everything belongs to you.  Unlimited creativity. 

In other words, you are not limited to the creativity of a designer of a given theme.  You are only limited by your own creativity.  

If you are not the creative type, Elegant Themes has THE solution for you.  Each week, they release two Divi Layout Packs, and each layout pack contains anywhere from 5-8 pages that make up an entire website, complete with images and all.  

Not only that, but with your membership, you can use any one of the nearly 100 Layout Packs (or a combination of any of these layout packs), that Elegant Themes has created, and use them as many times as you wish.

Is this membership worth $89 per year or $249 for life-time access?  Personally, I think they don’t charge enough.  Why would I say that?  Read on and see everything else they give you regardless of which plan you choose.

Divi WordPress Theme

You Get the Divi Builder Plugin

Some people have a theme that they have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into.  When spending that much time building a site, you become extremely familiar with the little nuances of the Theme’s options and customization settings.

Elegant Themes understands this, which is why they released the “Divi Builder Plugin”.  The Divi Builder Plugin does everything that the Divi Theme offers, but respects your Theme’s options and customization settings.

With the Divi Builder plugin, you can learn how to use Divi within the safety of your existing theme, and even create a new page layout that your current theme does not allow for.  Then you can save that page layout in your Divi Library to use on new pages you create.

Using the Divi Builder on your existing site is like buying brand new furniture and arranging it any way you want in your home.  It’s like wanting to see what your living room couch will look like on the opposite wall.  

But with the Divi Builder, there is no heavy lifting.  Simply use your mouse to drag and drop a module.  Don’t like it there?  Move it back, or try a completely different module by dragging and dropping it wherever you like.  

You Get the Bloom E-mail Opt-in Plugin

Click the play button below to see the promotional video on the Bloom e-mail opt-in plugin that you get at no additional cost with your Elegant Themes membership.

You get to pick from 6 different display types and determine when they will display, be it an automatic pop-up or a fly-in display trigger.  in addition, there are 16 e-mail marketing integrations to choose from!

You Get the Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin

I encourage you to click the play button below to see the promotional video on the Monarch plugin that you get at no additional cost with your Elegant Themes membership.

With over 20 social media networks to choose from, you can add sharing buttons in 5 different locations on your page.  It also comes with 6 automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers too!

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

You Get Outstanding Customer Support

One of the best things about Elegant Themes is their Customer Support Team.  In fact, this is one of the biggest things that sets them apart from their competition.  Their customer support is outstanding.  Ask anyone, and they will tell you the same.

They approach Customer Support from several different angles, ensuring that you have more than one way in which to find a solution to a problem that you may be having.  You get all of the following:

Documentation Support

The documentation that Elegant Themes offers is just top-notch.  The documentation literally covers every aspect of the Divi Theme, the Divi Builder plugin, the Bloom E-mail Opt-in plugin, and the Monarch Social Media Sharing plugin.  Got a question, simply visit the Documentation section on their website and enter a topic.

Chat Support

When you visit www.elegantthemes.com, you’ll notice that at the bottom right hand side of there is a little pink and white Chat icon.  If you click on that icon, you can start a new chat conversation.

You can start a “New Conversation”, or “See Previous” conversations that you have had and pick up where you left off.  Additionally, this chat feature is even available on your cell phone when visiting their site!  If you scroll down a bit, you’ll be able to click on “Divi Update Status”, which is the Change Log.  At the bottom of the chat box is a link entitled, “Our System Support Explained”.

Even if you post a question and have to leave immediately, you will automatically get an e-mail response with your answer.  Gotta love it.

E-mail Support

Sometimes, its you have a unique situation where it’s just easier to explain in a detailed e-mail.  As a member, you can submit your issue to them via a form on their website.  I have done this, and found that they went above and beyond by providing me custom CSS to address the issue that I was having, and even told me where to place the CSS. I was impressed to say the least.

Access to the Members Only Forums

Forums have been around for over 20 years, and yet the concept of forums never seems to die.  Why?  Because you can get help, (and give help), to others who share your interests.

Elegant Themes makes their forums available to you, where you can find a wealth of information from people who are already members that want to help you solve a problem you may have.

Support Center

The Support Center is a new way that Elegant Themes offers to support their customer base.  In a nutshell, under the DIVI > HELP CENTER section on your WordPress menu navigation on the back-end of your website, you will be able to “ENABLE” remote access.

When Remote Access is enabled, you can then specify how long this token will be valid for.  Simply provide that token to the Elegant Themes Support Team, and they will then be able to access your site from the back-end, but again, only for the time frame that you permit.  This option is completely up to you, but it’s there if you want it.

Blog Entries

If that were not enough, Elegant Themes offers weekly “How To” articles in their blog entries.  There is a wealth of information that they provide in these articles, which are all available for you to read at will.  If you have a question on a given topic, simply type that topic into the Blog search field and all of the articles relating to that topic will appear for your review.

Is Divi Worth Buying?

Obviously I believe that it’s worth purchasing, but I am not the one considering purchasing an Elegant Theme membership.  You are.  You asked the question, “How much does Divi cost?

After having read everything I have conveyed above, you have to decide for yourself if this is a good fit for you.  If you are still not convinced, perhaps you may want to try it for yourself on a live page on their own website.  If you wish to give it a try, click here and you will be able to try Divi in a real-time demo.

You Can Afford Divi

That may sound very presumptuous, but if you are still reading this article, you either have already made your decision to purchase your membership, or you are on the fence about the cost.

If you build websites for a living, the Lifetime Access is a no-brainer because you will make your money back on your first client.  If you want to try Divi out for a few months and then “upgrade” from the Yearly Access to the Lifetime Access subscription model, simply start a chat with their Support Team and tell them that you would like to upgrade your membership.  That’s what I did.  As a courtesy, they pro-rated the remaining balance, meaning that they applied the remaining time of my Yearly Access to the Lifetime Access plan.

There is one more point I would like to make.  Elegant Themes offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you are not happy with it for ANY reason, you can get a full refund.  You won’t receive a phone call trying to convince you to keep it.  You just all of your money back, no questions asked.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Related Questions

How much does Elegant Themes Cost?
The Elegant Themes subscription comes in two forms: An annual subscription for $89, or you can purchase Lifetime Access for $249. With either subscription, you get unlimited use of every template, theme and plugin Elegant Themes has ever created for the life of your subscription.

How do I upload Divi to WordPress?
To upload Divi to WordPress, you need to log into WordPress and from the Dashboard, click APPEARANCE > THEMES, and at the top of the page click the ADD NEW button > UPLOAD THEME > CHOOSE FILE, and then navigate to the Divi.zip file on your computer to upload the Divi Theme. Once uploaded, ACTIVATE the Divi Theme.