Wouldn’t you love to learn how to exponentially leverage traffic to your website, turning that one visitor into 5 or even 10 visitors.

I will show you how the visitors to your site can even opt-in to be notified any time you post anything on ANY of your social media platforms.  This one tool will exponentially increase your digital footprint.

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What Is The Monarch Social Media Plugin?

When you write great articles that address questions that people are googling, you will get traffic, especially if you write a lot of articles on a given topic.  When Google sees you as an authority on that topic, they reward you by placing your site high in the search engine results.

But what if you could leverage that traffic?  What if you could give those same visitors the ability to follow you on all of your other social media platforms by simply clicking a button?  That would just be awesome.  Traffic to your website would increase exponentially.

Let me introduce the Monarch Social Media Plugin by Elegant Themes.  It provides your visitors the ability to share your article with all of the their social media friends and at the same time, it also allows them to follow you on all of your social media platforms.  Think of the influence this plugin allows for.  It leverages everything you write about, or produce on any of your social media platforms.

Again, the Monarch Social Media Plugin does 2 things:

1)  It offers social media SHARE buttons.

These are the buttons that your visitors can click to SHARE your article.

2)  It offers social media FOLLOW buttons.

These are the buttons your visitors can click to follow you right from your website.

Let’s take a look at this plugin together, and walk-through it’s interface so that you can learn how to maximize its impact on your website.

The Main Dashboard Walk-Through

There are three main sections within the main dashboard that we will be covering in this walk-through. They are as follows:

  1. Social Sharing – How to get people to share your articles.
  2. Social Follow – How to get people to follow you on Social Media.
  3. General Settings

Social Sharing (How to get people to share your articles)

The Monarch Social Media Plugin offers the following settings on the Main Dashboard.

LOCATIONS – Determine where the Social Sharing icons appear on your page.

NETWORKS – Add and rearrange any combination of social networks.  Again, these are the buttons that your visitors can click to SHARE your article.

SIDEBAR – Appears as a bar on either side of your article.

INLINE – Appears below and/or above your Posts or Pages.

POP UP – Pops up after scrolling past a trigger point.

FLY IN – Flies in from the side after scrolling past a trigger point.

ON MEDIA – Appears when hovering over an image or video.

Each location has a lot of settings for you to customize, and thankfully, Elegant Themes has brought continuity to each location setting.  For example, regardless of which location type you use, the settings options are pretty much the same for each type . Let’s take a look at the Inline Settings (my personal favorite), to demonstrate:

When clicking on the INLINE link on the left side of the Monarch Settings page, you will be presented with the INLINE settings displayed on the right.  At the top of this page, you will be able to choose the icon style.  If you hover your mouse over each column, you will see a slightly different animated icon view.  You will want to hover back and forth over each until you find the one that you like.

Working our way down the page, you will then choose the icon shape you would like to display.  Again, hover over each icon to compare the animated view of what you would like to have displayed on your site.

In the next section, you will see the DISPLAY SETTINGS as shown below.  Each of these settings are pretty self explanatory, however, if you question the meaning of a given setting, Elegant Themes has conveniently place an “i” next to the setting.  Simply hover over that tool-tip for a detailed explanation.  Incidentally, below are the settings that are used on all of the articles on this site.

The next section (shown below), is the COLOR SETTINGS section.  As if you already didn’t have enough to customize, you can even customize the background color, hover background color, icon color, and the hover icon color.

The final section on the page is the POST TYPE SETTINGS.  Here you determine what type of page the Monarch Social Media plugin will be displayed on.  For this site, I only place the SOCIAL SHARING network buttons on the POST pages on my site, because this is where all of my articles reside.

When you are finished choosing the settings for this page, be sure to click the SAVE CHANGES button to save your changes.  Once you do, the SOCIAL SHARING network icons will display on each page, post, or project that you selected above.

Social Follow (How to get people to follow you on Social Media)

Monarch features 14 more SOCIAL FOLLOW networks than SOCIAL SHARE Networks.  SOCIAL FOLLOW offers 38 networks and SOCIAL SHARE offers 24 networks.  The number of social networks only seems to grow with time, which is a nice touch.

The integration process might be difficult depending on the network that you want to make available, but this is not the fault of the of the Monarch plugin. In fact, Monarch makes it as simple as possible. The difficulty lies with the social network in question. Some of them require more information than others, but again, this is not the fault of the Monarch plugin.

After you have enabled the networks that you want to make available for your visitors to follow, you have two ways to to implement them into your site.  The first way is by way of the Widget, and the second way is by using a shortcode.  Let’s briefly talk about how to do that with each.

Use the Widget

With the Widget, you can choose the icon style you like, plus other settings that allow you to determine the appearance and behavior.  In the example below, there are 4 ways in which a visitor can follow you on your Social Media platforms.  One nicety available on the Widget, is that you can manually enter the number of followers you have, should you choose to do so.

Use a Shortcode

If you opt to use a shortcode, the customization settings are very close to the settings found in the widget. I love that Elegant Themes opted to make things as seamless and consistent as possible.

Once you have everything tuned, just click GENERATE SHORTCODE. This will create the shortcode for you allowing you to place it on posts, pages or wherever you like.

The Monarch plugin is polished. Not only is it powerful, but Elegant Themes goes the extra mile with this plugin. For example, when adjusting the shortcode, these settings are specific to where you place the shortcode. They are not global. In other words, you can use different shortcodes throughout your site with slightly different settings, making it feel fresh and inviting to your visitor.

General Settings

If you click on the GENERAL SETTINGS on the left side of the screen, you will be able to configure the General Settings of the plugin, and enter custom CSS at the bottom.  Any custom CSS entered, will apply exclusively to the Monarch Social Media Plugin and won’t affect any other part of the site.

If you look to the top right hand side of the screen, you will find 4 icons.

If you click on the first GEAR icon, there you will be able to enable or disable the use of Google Fonts in this plugin.

If you click on the LOCK icon, you can enter your Elegant Themes login credentials to automatically keep the Monarch Social Media Plugin up to date.  Incidentally, your username is the same username you use when logging into your Elegant Themes account, and your API Key can be found by logging into your account and navigating to the Account > API Key page.

If you click on the UP and DOWN arrow icon (the import export icon), you will see the following screen.  This feature is just awesome.  After you get the Monarch plugin to work just like you want, you can export your settings and use them on another website if you wish.

The last icon is the STATISTICS icon.  When you click on it, you will see all the statistics for your site, since you first installed the Monarch plugin.  Here you will see the “Total Shares”, the “Total Likes” and how may people are following your other social media platforms having come from your website.  If you just installed the plugin, you won’t have any activity yet, as demonstrated in the example below.

Below that, (not shown here), you will find the total shares and total likes from the past 7 days, 30 days, 12 months, and “All Time Stats”.  You no longer have to wonder if this plugin is actually helping drive traffic to your website.

Notable Features That Are Just Awesome

  • You can override the share button settings for individual posts and pages.
  • You can determine the statistics on your site which will show you how many people are sharing posts or pages on your site.  It even shows you if sidebars or popups etc., are more effective on your site.
  • You can import and export your Monarch settings to and from another website.
  • Monarch works perfectly on mobile devices as well.
  • You get to determine when you want your share buttons displayed based on triggers that you set.

If you have a blog and want to drive traffic to your site, install this plugin.  It will turn that one visitor into 5 or 10 visitors.  When you use this plugin, by design, it will exponentially leverage traffic to your website.

You can purchase this plugin from Elegant Themes for $89.  That may seem a bit high for a plugin, and frankly, it is.  However, the $89 is the cost for an Elegant Themes membership, and the only way to purchase the plugin, it to purchase the membership.  With that membership, you get this plugin for free to use on as many websites as you wish, even after your membership expires.

To explore the benefits of an Elegant Themes membership, you may wish to read an article I have recently written, entitled, “7 Reasons To Get a Membership with Elegant Themes“.

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