Some people think that Divi is only for those who are already in the web industry.  They think that it is just a tool to create websites quickly.  Though you can create great looking websites quickly with Divi, it is not just a “tool”.  It can change your life.

OK, ok, I know what you are sarcastically thinking.  “It can change my life, . . . Really?”  Yes, really.  If you will allow me a moment, I’ll show you how YOU, (regardless of your age or experience), can use Divi to build websites for a living.  If you prefer, simply click on any of the Anchor links below to just read the section you think applies to you.


The High School Student

Just a few years ago, literally, . . . you had to go to become a Jedi Master in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and SQL if you wanted to even be considered for a job in web-design. 

The industry has changed so much because of tools like Divi.

High School students have time . . . lots of time.  They spend time at the Mall, time with their friends, and time playing video games on their XBox or Playstation 4.

They also enjoy expressing creativity.  Fostering the built-in creativity that Teenagers have towards developing a skill set can be difficult.  Because of the culture we live in, they tend to lean toward things in which they can attain instant gratification.  This is why they like video games, and why they tend not to like to learn how to play the piano.

Learning to play the piano takes a lot of time and practice before they begin to sound good.  Playing a new video game can take hours or a few days to become really good at it.

The more you “practice” (or play with) Divi, the better you get.

The more proficient you become (and here’s the key) . . the more confident you become.

As a parent, if you want to see your kids excel at something that they enjoy doing, all the while, building confidence in a trade in which they will be able to potentially earn a living from, introduce Divi to them. High School students have a nack for picking things up quickly, especially when it is computer related.  They could even develop their own “company” from the comfort of home, simply by building websites for other people.  The more sites they build, the more proficient they get, and when it’s time to graduate, should they decide to turn web-design into a career, they will have a nice portfolio to show when interviewing for a job.  Divi can greatly increase their productivity in establishing their portfolio.


The Single Mom

I have a huge heart for single Moms.  Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of single Moms all over the world.  I empathize with them because not only do they have to take care of their children, but at the same time, they have to earn a living.

For those single Moms who have a green thumb when it comes to design, you can build websites quickly.  The faster one can deploy a website, the more clients you can take on.  The more clients you take on, the more money you can make.

Building websites with Divi is a great way to earn a living, (even if on the side). I love the simplicity of Divi because it even allows for very busy Moms, who don’t have either the time or money to get a formal education at a University, to earn a living building websites.  It’s not hard or intimidating, it’s fun.  With a little practice, she can easily become the “go-to” person for those who need help in building a website.

The Unemployed

Being unemployed is not fun.  In the state of Pennsylvania, you can collect unemployment for up to 6 months, assuming that you can prove that you have been applying for a job.  Do you realize just how much you can accomplish in 6 months?  If you were to sit down for only 2 hours a day for 6 months, you could easily land a job as a web-designer.

Though initially, that might be your goal, you may find that you can earn more money building websites on your own, instead of working for someone else.  If you don’t know where to start, YouTube will teach you.

Elegant Themes, (the makers of Divi), also post weekly “How to” articles on their blog by people who use Divi every day.  There is a wealth of information in those blog posts, and you would do well to bookmark each one, as they provide in-depth training on how to build whatever it is that they are blogging about at that time.

If you discipline yourself to invest just 2 hours a day in learning Divi over a few weeks, you will have enough knowledge to build a website for someone . . anyone.  At first, don’t charge anything for your services.  Build 4 or 5 sites this way, and you will then have something to show people.  This will show that you know what you are doing.

The more sites you build the more you will have established yourself as an authority on the subject. Once you have a demonstrated that you are capable of building websites, and have built a portfolio to prove it, you can then begin marketing yourself and gradually work your way out of unemployment.


The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs love to leverage.  They are not content with simply learning how to do something.  They want to take what they have learned and leverage it.  In fact, they only find fulfillment after they have leveraged what they have created.

The first thing that an Entrepreneur will want to do is to build several websites, (like 10), so that you can show your portfolio.  You don’t have to build these for clients.  The point is to show that you CAN build great looking websites.

When showing a potential client one of these websites that you have created, you can easily change section titles, colors, gradients, in front of them using the Divi Visual Builder from the front end.  This will be sure to impress the client.  It shows competence. After each site that you create for a client, be sure to add that site to the portfolio on your own website so that you can use that site as leverage.

As an entrepreneur, you can also write a “How To” e-book on how to do 5 things that are typically difficult to do, and then show them how easy it is with Divi, offering the step-by-step process.  After completing the e-Book, sell it on Amazon for $14.95. One thing that most people do not think about is teaching others what they themselves have learned.  But Entrepreneur ‘s do.  They recognize that they can leverage what they have learned.

Here’s an example.  You could become an Adjunct Professor at your local University teaching a class on WordPress, and then introduce Divi to your students, showing them what is possible.  They will never look back.  They will not only be impressed with you but they will be blown away at how much more they can do with Divi that also with just WordPress alone.  It’s the difference between giving someone a fish, and teaching them how to fish.  The latter births entrepreneurship in your students.


The Creative Type

Those who have a green thumb for creativity, will love using Divi.  It allows you to easily express your creativity.  One thing that I really like about Divi is that you can explore options that you would not otherwise even attempt, given the incredibly useful tool called, the “Visual Builder”.

This “real-time” Visual Builder is just outstanding.  You can see the changes you are making in real-time.  No longer are you required to make changes to CSS (or anything else), save the file and then refresh your web-browser.  The Divi Visual Builder does it all on the fly.  No refreshing, just modifying to your heart’s delight. On their website, Elegant Themes says of the Divi Builder:

“Divi is powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front end editor like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you build websites forever.”

Below is an example from their website showing how it works.


The Not-So-Creative Type

If you find yourself as a member of the “not-so-creative” club, not to worry.  Each week, Elegant Themes provides 2 FREE Divi Layout Packs as part of your subscription.  A Layout pack will typically include 5 pages or so.

They include the Home page layout, a Services page layout, a Contact page layout an About page layout and perhaps either a portfolio page, or a blog page, or even a pricing page.  With these weekly layout packs, you can either use them as is, modify them to your liking.

I like using one of their high quality layout packs, and then modify it to my liking.  I may use just one of their pages in one layout pack and then use another page in another layout pack.  The combinations are endless, and they keep delivering one new layout pack every week.  Gotta love it!

Related Questions

Is Divi easy to learn?
Yes, Divi is easy to learn.  It does not take a rocket-scientist to learn how to use Divi, just one who is willing to learn.  There are numerous helps, including their latest asset, the Quick Actions bar.  Simply hold the SHIFT key and hit the space bar, and type what you need help with and you’ll receive instant help.

Is Divi easy to teach others?
Not only is Divi easy to teach, but it’s fun to teach as well.  People are surprised when they realize that they can change the layout of their website in real time.  That’s just fun.