I am going to show you what a Divi Layout Pack is, why you should use it, and discuss the options available to you should you use a Divi Layout Pack.

Why Should I Use a Divi Layout Pack? In short, using a Divi Layout Pack will save you both time and money. I’m going to demonstrate this by showing you how to install a Divi Layout Pack and create new Layout Pack pages.

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In the last article of this series, I write an article entitled, “How to Install WordPress and the Divi Theme“. Not only did we cover how to install WordPress and Divi, but I provided several reasons as to why one would use WordPress over any other Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Joomla or Drupal.

What are Divi Layout Packs?

When Elegant Themes first started Building WordPress themes way back in 2008. With the release of the Divi Theme on December 11, 2013, everything changed. No longer were you limited to that one theme. Divi allowed you to create any theme you wanted. It was as if Elegant Themes released their “secret sauce” to the masses for all to enjoy. You can now build anything and customize everything.

When Elegant Themes released Divi, they addressed yet another problem at the same time. You see, there are a lot of people out there who want to build websites for their clients, but lack the creativity found in those who are well established in the design field.

Divi Layout Packs are professionally designed “templates” that have been built from the ground up that utilize the Divi Theme as their foundation.

Recognizing this, not only did Elegant Themes reveal their “secret sauce” in making it available to the masses, but they over-delivered by creating a library of “Divi Layout Packs”.

You could think of Divi Layout Packs as “Templates for the Divi Theme“, but these “templates” are not your typical cookie-cutter templates. They are full-blown websites that are comprised of anywhere from 5-8 pages each. The ridiculous part of this ingenious business model, is that the staff at Elegant Themes keeps adding new Divi Layout Packs to their “library” at the rate of 2 EVERY week!

Remember, the Divi Theme is really just a blank Canvas that allows you the freedom and flexibility to build pretty much anything you want using Divi. The code is clean, the designs are beautiful, and they are super easy to implement.

Why Would I Want to Use a Divi Layout Pack?

Just like WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build a website, Divi makes it easy for literally anyone, young and old alike, to design outstanding websites. This includes you.  Divi just makes it easy to build the layout that you want.  No longer do you *have* to depend on the layout that a theme developer has in mind.  Why limit the needs of your client’s website to that of the theme developer who doesn’t even know your client, or their needs?!

Divi Layout Packs are a no-brainer, because they will save you an ENORMOUS amount of time and you can easily modify them to your client’s specific needs.

You can choose what Divi Layout Pack you wish to use, and then you can modify each page to your liking.  There are three categories of people who build websites.

  1. Those who do not have the time to design something from nothing.
  2. Those who do not have the ability to create something from nothing.
  3. There are those who design websites for a living, but even they *may* not have the time or the ability to create something from nothing.

Can I Mix and Match Divi Layout Packs?

Earlier, I praised Divi Layout Packs and then the typical “WordPress Templates” as “cookie-cutter” websites. Naturally, you may have asked yourself, “Didn’t you say that Divi Layout Packs were like templates based on the Divi Theme?”  Yes, I did.  How then do Divi Layout Packs differ from the typical cookie-cutter templates we have seen for years?  Great question.

As of this writing, there are 88 Divi Layout packs (661 distinct layout pages), to date, and as mentioned already, that number grows by two each week!  The one thing that distinguishes Divi Layout Packs from your typical WordPress template, is that each page within a Divi Layout Packs is completely independent of every other page within that Divi Layout Pack.  This means if I wish to use one page from one Divi Layout Pack, and a different page from another Divi Layout Pack, I can.  In short, yes, you can mix and match Divi Layout Packs.  Let me offer an example.

Let’s say that you were building a website based off of a “Restaurant” themed Divi Layout Pack.  Let’s also assume that this Layout Pack had a Home page, a Services Page, an About page, a Gallery page, and finally, a Contact page.  You may like every page contained within this Divi Layout Pack, with the exception of one page, the About page.  You want your About page to stand out, something that will “pop” because it speaks of the identity of your website.  Is there anything that can be done?  Yes!  Emphatically, yes!

You can simply create a new page and select the purple “USE THE DIVI BUILDER button.  From there, select, LOAD LAYOUT, and from the PREMADE LAYOUTS tab, search for the term, “About“.  When you do, you will be presented with 92 “About” pages for you to choose from, each with their own layout design.

After finding the one you like, simply select it and Divi will download all of the graphics and the page layout settings to look exactly like the one you selected.  That is just powerful.  Mixing and matching Divi Layout Packs clearly puts you in control of the design of your website.

One more note about WordPress templates.  You can’t take one WordPress template and mix and match it with another WordPress template and expect all the code to work flawlessly, but you can with Divi Layout Packs.

How Do I Install a Divi Layout Pack?

Installing a Divi Layout Pack is very easy. In fact, given the results, you would think that it would be much more difficult. But it’s not.  Let me show you just how easy it is.

To begin, you will first need to create a new page from within your WordPress dashboard.  When you do, you will see the purple “USE THE DIVI BUILDER” button as displayed here.

After clicking the purple “USE THE DIVI BUILDER” button, you will see the screenshot listed below.  You will want to click the LOAD LAYOUT menu item on the purple bar.

After clicking the LOAD LAYOUT button, you will see the following screen.  There are several things that I want to bring to your attention on this screen.  First and foremost, note that as of this writing, there are 88 Layout Packs (88 complete Divi websites), with a total of 661 total layout pages.  Note that we are on the “PREMADE LAYOUTS” tab.

Let me draw your attention to the left side of the PREMADE LAYOUTS screen.  You will find, “Find a Layout“.  This is where you can search for the type of page that you are looking for.  In our example earlier, this is were you would have typed, “ABOUT” to find all of the ABOUT pages.

Another way to find what you are looking for is to place a check in the box next to one of the categories found on the PREMADE LAYOUTS page.  If you were to select the FOOD & DRINK category, you would find numerous Divi Layout Packs that provide

The Categories listed to the left give you an idea of the types of Divi Layout Packs that are available to you.  Keep in mind that you don’t just get access to any one of these Divi Layout Packs, but rather, you get access to EVERY ONE of the 88+ Divi Layout Pack.  That means that you get access to all 661+ page layouts and can use them as many times as you want, on as many websites as you want.

When you select a Divi Layout Pack that interests you, you will see a page like the one displayed below.

Now, I want you to take a good look at the right hand side of the image above.  For your convenience, I have blown it up for reference, (see below).  Note that it has a detailed description of the Divi Layout Pack in question.  Below that, it shows you just how many pages are a part of this particular Divi Layout Pack.

Each page within the Divi Layout Pack has a thumbnail image of the pages offered.  If you select one of the thumbnails displayed, you will see a blown-up version of that page layout on the left.  In this particular Divi Layout Pack, there are 8 layout pages for you to choose from.

Note that when you choose a Divi Layout Pack, you will need to select EACH page that you want within the Divi Layout Pack.  Simply choosing a Divi Layout Pack does not automatically download ALL pages within that layout pack.  You need to first create a blank page, and then select a page from any of the over 88 Divi Layout Packs, and apply THAT page to the blank page that you just created.

You simply need to follow the above process for each and every page that you want on your website.  In the next article of this 5 part series, I will walk you through the process of creating and implementing the navigation for this 8 page Divi Layout Pack.

In our last article of this series, we will talk about how to modify that pages of a Divi Layout Pack, and encourage you to play around with it as well.  The more you play with Divi, the more efficient you become, to the point where it just becomes second nature.  You really can deliver some outstanding websites to your clients that meet their needs.

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What are Divi Layouts?
Divi Layout Packs are pre-made page designs that you can easily apply to your website, one page at a time. You can apply any one of over 600+ Divi Layouts to your site. Elegant Themes adds two complete Divi Layout Packs, (each consisting of 5-8 pages), two times each week.

What is a Divi Builder?
The Divi Builder is a “What You See Is What You Get” page builder that allows one to build websites from scratch incredibly fast. It also allows one to modify existing Divi pages or posts using clean code that follows industry standards.