The Divi plug-in allows you to utilize all that Divi offers on an existing WordPress website while respecting all of the customization settings of the WordPress theme. 

So, why should you use Divi to build your next WordPress website?  Because the Divi Theme will allow you to express unlimited creativity while allowing you to address all of your clients needs.

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You Should Use Divi To Build Your Next WordPress Website.

“How can you make this claim? You don’t even know who my next client is or what their needs are.”  

You are right.  I don’t know who your client is or what their needs are, but I am very confident that Divi can help you build this website much faster than you otherwise would be able to, not to mention the incredible flexibility and freedom that you will have when building it.  Let’s look at why I think I can make that claim.

You Need to Think of the Divi Theme as a Canvas

The Divi Theme is really nothing more than a blank canvas set on an easel waiting to be painted.

Elegant Themes makes Divi available by way of the Divi Theme and the DIvi plug-in.  I think the Divi “Theme” is a bit of a misnomer.  Perhaps a more accurate name for the “Divi Theme” would be, “Divi Canvas”.  I like this description because it emphasizes your ability to create something, . . . anything, . . . from a blank canvas.

Like an artist set to unleash his creativity on the blank canvas, so too, is the one who installs the Divi Theme.  You have no limitations and you can build pretty much anything you can imagine.

Now that I’ve painted this picture for you, (pun intended), do you now see how the Divi Theme is really like a blank canvas?  It does not have any of the limitations that other WordPress themes have.  

How You Express Creativity is Your “Tool”

The Divi Theme is like a painter’s canvas where you can express creativity.  How you express that creativity would be analogous to a painter’a paint brush.  That is really where the “tool” lies.  Again, the “tool” is found in how are you express that creativity. This tool is expressed in every setting for every element, module, row or column. 

This is where Divi comes alive.  There are countless settings for you to manipulate.  You don’t have to modify any of these settings but you can if you want to. The more you modify, the more unique the site looks.  Clients love that. They want their site to look unique, unlike any other out there on the Internet. 

The subtleties that you can implement are endless.  Anything from slightly rounded corners on all of your images on a given page, to text that fades in slowly as you scroll down the page.  These, of course, are obviously implementations, but again the ability to be creative is not limited with Divi. 

Why Should You Use the Divi Theme on Your Next Site?  

There are two primary reasons to use the Divi Theme on your next website?

You Can Express Unlimited Creativity.  
One thing very unique to Divi is that all other WordPress themes have limitations, meaning that you have to abide with in the confines of that particular theme.

Some WordPress themes are very restrictive and some are not so much.  If you really want to be creative, start with a blank slate.  The important thing to note, however, is that you are in complete control of the design of your client’s website.

By default, there is no layout until you build that layout. You determine how many columns and rows a given page will have. You determine the placement of pictures, elements and modules. You determine what style of navigation you will have on your site.  You are in control, not some web developer who created the theme for you.

You Can Address All of Your Clients Needs.
When building a site from scratch, not being confined by the limitations of a WordPress theme, you can build the site to the exact specifications of your client’s needs.

Instead of telling your client that they must must choose from a list of WordPress themes, you can build the site to meet their needs.  They may not need what the WordPress theme tells them that they have to have in order to use that given theme.  Divi lets you build whatever you want wherever you want, And does not force you to conform to a cookie-cutter website.

For example, if you were to hire somebody to build a house for you, wouldn’t you want to have complete say in what that house looks like? Would you want the builder to decide for you telling you what you had to live in? Of course not.  Your client would like the same courtesy afforded to them.

Certainly you can guide them through the decision process, but you have to allow for the possibility that they may want to have an active role in what your site is going to look like.  The Divi Theme allows for that. 

An added benefit of using the Divi Theme is that after building the site, you can add that unique site to your profile.  This will allow your potential clients to see the type of work you can do, and at the same time, it will show them the creativity that you are able to unleash.  

Why Should You Use the Divi Plug-in on Your Next Site?  

Inevitably, you will find that the client likes their existing site. They may have invested countless hours in building it themselves, and feel a sense of pride in what they have developed. Perhaps they themselves did not build their site, but may have invested a lot of money, paying someone else to develop their website for them. 

Worse yet, there are those who are “married” to their website, meaning that they think that their website is the best website of all websites on the Internet, and do not want to make a lot of changes to their website because of all the time, swear and energy that they have poured into it.  Asking this type of person to abandon their existing design would be very difficult for them to do.

Elegant Themes understands this type of client, which is why they developed the Divi plug-in.  It allows you to utilize all that Divi offers on an existing WordPress website. 

If you wish to use Divi, the Divi plug-in is what you will use for every existing website.  I’m not going to go into great detail on the differences between the Divi Theme and the Divi plug-in, as I have already written an article on that very subject.  Suffice it to say, the Divi plug-in is not a watered down version of the Divi Theme, but rather, it offers everything that the Divi Theme offers, and at the same time, it respects the customizations settings of the WordPress theme that it is applied to. 

After applying the Divi plug-in, You can create new columns and rows, add modules and element. You can and customize the settings of all of them, as long as they do not conflict with the existing themes settings.  That is where the Divi plug-in draws the line.  Again, the Divi plug-in will always respect the customization settings of the WordPress theme. 

An added benefit to using to Divi plug-in is that you can use it on as many websites as you want.  In fact, this also applies to the Divi Theme as well.  I will not go into all of the benefits of using the Divi from Elegant Themes here, but if you interested you can read the article I’ve written entitled, “Why You Should Use Divi”. 

To become a member of Elegant Themes, you can choose either an annual membership or pay for lifetime access.

Before I let you go, understand that you can deliver an exceptionally high-quality website when using Divi.  It will allow you to express unlimited creativity while addressing all of your client’s needs, whether you choose the Divi Theme or the Divi plug-in to meet those needs.

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How many hours does it take to build a WordPress website?
You can install WordPress in a matter of minutes and spend hours building pages the hard way, or after installing WordPress, you can use any one of the free 100+ Divi Layout Packs and have a complete website up and running within 1 hour.

Is Divi a WordPress?
Divi is a WordPress Theme, it is not WordPress itself. They are two separate things. WordPress is the platform upon which the Divi Theme or Divi Page Builder plug-in is applied. In order to use the Divi Theme or a Divi Page Builder, you must have already installed the WordPress platform.