Using Divi to build your next website will definitely bring out the creative side in you. It is a mature page builder that is feature rich, allowing you to build elegant websites SUPER fast.

Why should you use Divi to build your next website?  It saves a ton of time, and makes building websites fun again!

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A Brief History of Divi

Nick Roach, founder and CEO of, has radically changed and simplified the way in which WordPress websites can be built.  What was once a one-man operation in Nick’s college apartment has grown into a diverse and distributed team of WordPress enthusiasts from all around the world.” With a customer base of over half a million people, since 2008, Nick and his team of 74 (and counting), have built 87 themes and 5 plugins. 

On December 11, 2013, Elegant Themes released their “most powerful, flexible & beautiful theme yet.”  They named it Divi. Divi is “the ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder”.  That may sound like a big claim, and it is.  But it’s entirely true.  I know of no other WordPress visual page builder that is as robust and flexible as Divi.

Now, before I go on, I encourage you to take a minute and view this page on Elegant Themes’ website which will give you a brief overview of what one can do with Divi.   If you scroll down the page to the “Elements for Every Occasion” section, you will find 36 elements that you can utilize with Divi.  If you click on any one of these Elements, you will be brought to a page that offers a full description and example of what that given element does.


You Can Build Websites Incredibly Fast

This is probably obvious, but it’s worth stating.  Long gone are the days where you have to master HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS.  Divi does it all without having to see one line of code. Everything is point and click. 

If you prefer to see the big picture, (seeing how the page would be laid out in blocks), you can do that from the back-end.  If you prefer modify the site from the front end, the way that the end-user would see it, Divi allows for that as well (more on that later). Because you can build websites faster, you will find yourself taking on more clients. 

Of course, more clients means more money in your pocket. After you get familiar with Divi, and have played around with it a bit, you find yourself exploring options.  You’ll tend to try things that you would never have dared try before, for fear of messing up your site.   You no longer have to fear.  No longer do you have to wonder, “What it would look like if?“  You can now try something new to see if you like it in just a few minutes.  What would have taken hours for a seasoned Master of CSS to do, you can literally do in just a few minutes.  Heck, your Mom could.

The Big Divi Super-Secret

There are those that believe that in order to use Divi, you have to be a “creative” person.  Are you the type of person who can create something out of nothing?  Do you have the ability to see a website design layout in your mind before even scribbling it out on a piece of paper? I’m not that guy. I need to see something before I can create it.  I can’t create something out of nothing.  For example, I can draw . . . but only what someone else has already drawn.  

I am not able to envision in detail what something will look like without first looking at it. For those who are creatively challenged, if you see a website layout you like, create one just like it with Divi.  If you are not able to create one exactly like the one you like, (pixel for pixel), you almost certainly can come very close. Sure, being creative helps, but Divi is not just for Web Designers. 

Divi is also for newbies, for those just starting out, for those who want to start building websites for a living. The Big Secret?  You don’t have to be super creative in order to become a Divi Master.  Don’t believe me?  The following three reasons should change your mind.

Elegant Themes takes the power out of the hands of seasoned web developers and places that power into your hands.  No longer are you required to master HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL.   If you can point and click, you can create stunning websites. You can easily create websites based on any one of the over 100+ Divi Layout packs available to you (or combine parts of one layout pack with that of another layout pack!) Learning the basics of Divi only takes about an hour.  Of course, becoming a Divi Master will take both time and experience.  The more you use Divi, the more proficient you become, allowing you to build sites much faster.

Divi Is Constantly Evolving

One of the biggest points of excitement in using Divi, comes from the relentless updates that they release.  These “updates” are not just bug fixes, but rather new features that make it more robust and easier to use. Usually, they will wet the appetite of the Divi community by letting them know what they have been working on. 

The day that I receive the email notification letting me know that the long-awaited feature has been released, I race to log into my site update Divi.  It honestly feels like Christmas. For example, when they updated Divi to allow for the “Drag & Drop” upload feature, I received an e-mail notification with the following subject: “Divi Feature Update! Introducing Drag & Drop File Upload For The Divi Builder”.  In the e-mail, they even include a link to their site that offers a brief 2 minute video explaining how to use it.

Divi is Mature and Continues to Grow

As previously mentioned, Divi was first released on December 11, 2013 and they have regularly pushed out updates ever since.  As of this writing, they have released 106 layout packs for Divi.  That means that you can choose from any one of  over 100+ layouts for your site. One thing that I really like about Elegant Themes, is that they never sit back and think, “We have arrived”. 

Elegant Themes is always working on improving Divi, and remarkably, they consistently offer more and more features.  Just when I think that they won’t offer more features within Divi, they pop out a new feature update.  Gotta love it.

Most theme developers will release 1 new theme each month.  This is probably due to their limited resources.  That is not a slam on them, it just takes a lot of creativity with several developers who know how to develop clean code to deliver a really good theme.  Nick and his team have created the Divi Builder which allows you to build whatever your want knowing that the underlying code is clean and proficient.

Divi Offers Real-Time Support Many companies offer Support.  Not all companies offer real-time support.   On July 18, 2018, Nick released a blog post entitled, “Elegant Themes Support Is Getting Better. Introducing Live Chat Support For All Customers.”

In summary, for the past 10 years, Elegant Themes has supported their community through a public support ticketing system known as the support forum.

Over 30 full-time Divi experts work around the clock to help make sure you are having the best experience possible, and in the process have answered close to 2 million questions.  According to Nick, “When it comes to Elegant Themes support, we are treating this like a new beginning and we are striving to improve the quality of our support in every way.

This is just the first of many important steps in the right direction.” Practically speaking, if you have any question regarding Divi, simply send a message to them from any page on their website and chat with a someone who really knows what they are talking about.  If you they themselves are not able to answer your question, they will transfer you to someone who does.  That is taking customer service to the next level.

Divi Support Center

Being able to chat with somebody in real-time about an issue that you are not able to resolve yourself, is just awesome.  Knowing that I have someone who will figuratively ‘watch over my back’, gives me a lot of confidence to explorer and grow beyond my own limitations. but they have just recently announced (September 2018), that they are offering more support, by way of the “Divi Support Center”.

With the “Divi Support Center”, you can now Grant access to the support team at Elegant Themes to your website by simply flipping a switch, figuratively speaking.

Weekly Divi Builder Layouts

In 2018, they hired a team of 7 new designers and launched the Divi Design Initiative. This is part of their goal to provide even more value to the community in the form of amazing Divi layouts and design resources.2. 

Their design team actually releases 2 brand new layout packs EVERY WEEK!  Elegant Themes is committed to excellence, working hard to improve upon Divi while at the same time, making it more valuable with the release of each new layout pack.  When a client asks me to build a site for them, I can show them a few pre-made layouts and ask if they like any of them, or any combination of them.  Sure I can create something from scratch if I need to, but I also have well over 100 pre-made layouts to borrow from as well, and they are FREE with my subscription!  

You Can Build and Design on the Front End

What some refer to “building on the front end”, I refer to designing in “real time”.  As mentioned earlier, when you design in “real time”, you tend to explore your options to see if you can make the site look better.  Your creativity comes alive, and for those who are creative, you will absolutely love using Divi to build your websites. 

Building with Divi is just plain fun because there is instant gratification because you see what you build (as the end-user will see it), as you build it! I love that you can change the site on the fly in real-time, with your client on the phone.  You can simply tell them to “refresh” their browser, and you just wait and see what kind of response you get.  I’ll be that they will be impressed on how fast you were able to make the requested changes to their site. You can even have a meeting with your client and design together.  Of course, you had better be very proficient with Divi before attempting to do this, but you can do this. 

The more you play with Divi, the better you become, and before you know it, you will use this technique as a tool to show your client that you really do know what you are doing. You Can Pretty Much Build Anything with Divi.  Divi is a dream come true for those who are creative and love to build sites that are innovative and fresh.  I know that this sounds a bit bold.  It is bold, but it’s also true. 

The flexibility that you have in design is outstanding.  Flexibility is the right word, as your only limitation is what you can envision.  If you can think of it, there is a high probability that you will be able to build it with Divi. Divi is still growing, becoming more mature adding more features all the time. 

I love how far they have come, and look forward to what lies ahead. Finally, I want to encourage you to Google “Sites that have been built using Divi”, and I’ll bet your will be impressed.  If you take a few minutes to look, I’m pretty sure you will be impressed.  Obviously, some sites in this Google search are way better than others, but knowing that one CAN build sites like the exceptionally designed sites, is quite impressive.

Divi Makes Building Websites Fun Again!

What did it for me was the front-end Divi Visual Builder.  I just LOVE being able try new things quickly without the hassle of having to save the page, refresh the page in the browser, and the go back to editing the page to make adjustments.

With the Divi Visual Builder, i can make those adjustments in real-time without having to constantly save and refresh.  Designing in real-time (seeing the changes as you make them), is just plain fun.

The first time you use the Divi Visual Builder, you won’t be able to prevent a smile from crossing your face because you will realize at that moment, just how much time you will save in building your website.  If you have not tried Divi out, I highly encourage you to give it a shot.  I don’t think you will look back.  I certainly didn’t.

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Does the Divi Page Builder have any competition?
The Divi Page Builder does have competitors.  Elementor, Beaver Builder,  Thrive Architect, SiteOrigin Page Builder, WPBakery Page Builder, Themify Builder, and Brizy have been trying to attain the status of Divi.

Does Divi have momentum behind it?
Divi has been continually rowing since December 2013, (5 years as of this writing).  It has increasingly grown in functionality, flexibility and as a result, in popularity.  Divi show no sign on slowing down.