Once you have become very familiar with Divi, you will find yourself building websites very fast.  There are several features that Elegant Themes has included in Divi that makes is stupid-simple.  

Who me?  Yes you!  YOU Can Create Websites Ridiculously Fast With Divi, and I’m going to show you how.  Grab some pop-corn, because this is going to be fun!

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Why Would You Want To Create Websites Quickly?

In a nutshell, you want to build websites quickly because you can earn more money in time, and your services will be in demand as a result.  When you become very familiar with the features that Divi offers, you will find yourself saving time, and subsequently delivering a site to your client much faster.

Below, you will find 3 new features that Elegant Themes has incorporated into Divi, (taken from a Elegant Themes blog post with permission for demonstration purposes).  For those of you who are new to Divi, I offer simple straight-foward instructions for you to follow.

Elegant Themes now allows you to select multiple items and edit them at the same time. Simply hold the CMD / CRTL or SHIFT key to Multi-Select, just like you would in any other application.  So, on a Mac, if you just want to select three elements, simply hold the COMMAND key down (CTRL key for Windows), and click any three elements.  If you want to select all of them, hold the COMMAND key and the SHIFT keys at the same time (CTRL and SHIFT keys for Windows), while clicking the first element and the last element.  This will then select all of the elements between the first and the last element.

Hold Cmd / Ctrl Or Shift To Multi-Select

Modifying several elements at the same time is so simple.  Here we are selecting each element by holding the CMD SHIFT for Mac, or CTRL SHIFT keys to Multi-Select the elements on a Windows PC.  Once all items are selected, you simply need to click the SETTINGS icon to bring up the ELEMENT SETTINGS dialog box up.  From there, we click on DESIGN > BORDERS > BORDER WIDTH (and set it to 2 by moving the slider over).  Now click the GREEN checkmark to apply the changes. Now, let’s change the background on every other element displayed.  To start, select every other element and click the SETTINGS icon to bring up the ELEMENT SETTINGS dialog box again.  Click on the CONTENT tab up top, BACKGROUND, then select the color of your choice, and then click the DESIGN tab, and scroll down to TEXT COLOR and select LIGHT and finally, click the GREEN checkmark to apply the changes.

Bulk Edit The Design Of Multiple Modules

Additionally, you can quickly drag, drop, copy, paste and delete selected items after you have selected them.  This saves time and is super simple to do.  Here, you’ll see that we are selecting the bottom four elements (CMD SHIFT for Mac, and CTRL SHIFT keys to Multi-Select, on a Windows PC), and then placing our mouse on the MOVE icon to click and drag them where we want them displayed.  Watch the demonstration below a couple of times and you’ll see how easy it is.

Quickly Drag, Drop, Copy, Paste & Delete

Building A Website Isn’t Complicated Anymore

Long gone are the days where only those who managed to master PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and CSS could develop functionally stunning websites.

Content Management Systems like, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have taken the scene by storm.  Of these three, WordPress has risen to the top given it’s ease of use and developer support.  As of this writing, there are literally 56,014 WordPress plugins available.

Interestingly enough, according to an article written by manages.com, entitled, “More Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage”.

The most recent stats are showing that since March 2016, WordPress is actually powering 26.4% of the Web, and it’s on the rise. It is still by far the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share. Also interestingly on a daily basis there are over 500 sites being created on WordPress.

If there every was any doubt as to the popularity of WordPress, these statistics should put that to rest.  Because of the popularity of WordPress, developers continue to build better plugins, which in turn, makes it more popular.

To be blunt, creating a site using Adobe Dreamweaver or similar tools is “Old School”.  It’s just way faster to build a site using WordPress with Divi, than it is to use these tools of the past.

Again, you don’t have to master PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and CSS in order to develop functionally stunning websites.  Building websites with Divi is so much more practical and incredibly fast.

Divi Layout Packs by Elegant Themes

It’s actually hard to write about Divi without singing its praises.  Though there are several super-cool features that Divi offers, one of the great things that Elegant Themes offers, is the completely FREE Divi layout packs.

Because Elegant Themes has well over 100 layout packs available to their subscribers right now, any time I have a site that I need to create, I first take a look at what has already been created and check to see if I might be able to use a page or two from their collection, or maybe even an entire layout for a site.

It used to be that they would release one new Divi Layout Pack a week.  Because they have grown so much, they are now creating two Divi Layout Packs just about every week!  That’s like giving you two free websites every week to use for your clients at no additional cost!

Just the other day, they came out with a “Political Campaign” layout pack.  Recently, they released a “Cleaning Company” layout pack.  They provide a wide range of different designs for a several different industries that are completely unrelated.  In fact, if you wish to suggest a layout pack for a given industry, I encourage you to e-mail them directly here.

One cool thing about the Divi layout packs that they offer, is that you can mix and match as you please.  In other words, you can create a new page on your website, opt to use the Divi Builder, and then you will be asked if you want to use a Divi Layout Pack.  If you choose to do so, you will then be able to peruse the more than 100 Divi Layout Packs.

From there, you can view a given layout pack and the pages that it offers in that layout pack and select the one page layout from that layout pack to use on your website.

You may find that you want to use the Blog layout from the “Author’s Blog” layout pack, and other pages from other layout packs.

It’s all about freedom of choice with Divi.  You are not tied to one look, to one design layout.  You can use any one of the layout packs to build your site, or any page from a given layout pack to build your site.  That is flexibility at its best!  Additionally, all of the images provided in these layout packs are completely royalty free, meaning that you can use them once, or 100 times.  You may use them to build your website without worry or concern.

Practically speaking, (depending on the industry your client is in), you may find that you can present two or three different layout packs to your client to choose from, (or any combination of the three).  This definitely comes in handy for for those who have a hard time with creativity, or have a difficult time coming up with a design from nothing.

FREE Divi Layout Packs!

There are free Divi layout packs available online.  Because Divi is arguably the most widely used WordPress page builder, there are hundreds, if not thousands of free layout packs available. However, there are a couple of designers who stand out in the Divi community that have some excellent FREE Divi Layout Packs, and I’d like to share these resources with you.

One such designer is Mark Hendrickson, from markhendricksen.com.  Click HERE to view the completely FREE Divi layout packs that he makes available to you.

The other FREE Divi layout packs that I recommend can be found at https://darrelwilson.com/.  As a side note, in order to download any of his free divi layout packs, you have to watch a video of his that offers the password to get the free layout pack.  That video resource is 8 minutes and 37 seconds long.  For you convenience, I have provided the video here for you.

Out of respect for Darrel, I can’t give the password out, but I can tell you that the password is all lower case letters, (it makes a difference), and besides, 8 minutes and 37 seconds for any of his FREE Divi layout packs is a steel by any measure.

One Final Note . . . or Word of Caution

Just because you can build website fast, does not mean that you can be sloppy.  Remember, there is never a reason not to do everything with excellence.  Doing things expeditiously without excellence will hurt you financially, because if you do not embrace excellence, you absolutely will not earn nearly as much money as you would otherwise.

I’m talking about taking shortcuts.  Never take shortcuts.  Ever.

Shortcuts are taken by people who are small thinkers.  They never see beyond the here and now.  If you skimp on the little things, you will skimp on the big things.  What separates the average from the distinguished?  Those who do everything with excellence.

For example, if after launching a site for your client, you find that you forgot to add a drop-shadow on a given box to match the other box on the page . . . . do it . . . for the sake of excellence.  Don’t tell anybody you did it, just do it.  You will find yourself on time for a client meeting.  Your client will notice that you have followed up with them at least 3 times in the last 6 months.

When you develop an attitude of excellence in the small things, (even in looking for ways to show excellence), you will find that attitude carries over to everything in life, including your business relationships.  If you want a good reputation, embrace excellence.  If you develop this attitude in everything you do, you will find that business that you would never have found otherwise.

Related Questions

How long does it take to build a website using Divi?
From start to finish, I have built an entire website from scratch in 1 hour (excluding adding custom content).  This included the installation of WordPress, installing the Divi Theme, and using one of the Divi Layout Packs.

Why is Divi so popular?
Divi is so popular because it is so easy to use and is incredibly flexible.  Additionally, anybody can learn and use Divi.  No longer must you know HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP in order to deliver an outstanding website.