Have you ever dreamed of building websites for a living, but didn’t quite know how to go about it?

Read on, and I’ll show you how you can develop a business using Divi.  I’ll even give you two things you can do right now to become a Divi Ninja Master.  I’ll also show you what you can do to become a successful in building a business using Divi.

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Become a Divi Ninja Master

Just saying that you know how to use Divi does not make you a Divi Ninja Master.  Being a creative genius does not make you a Divi Ninja Master.  You become a Divi Ninja Master by using Divi, honing your skills, becoming more proficient with each passing day.

This is not beyond you.  You CAN do this.  Fortunately, it does not require you to be in tip-top physical shape (thankfully!), but it does require discipline on your part.  Discipline to actually take that time to practice.

Below are two practical steps you can take to become a Divi Ninja Master.  If you follow these two steps and are consistent in honing your Ninja skills, you will quickly become a Divi Ninja Master.  Seriously, if you do Step #1 every day for 30 days, you can’t help but become super awesome at using Divi.  To maintain your Ninja skills, you will need to implement Step #2 each week moving forward.

STEP 1 to Becoming a Divi Ninja Master

Learn a technique, and then build 10 more, one at a time.Of course, I am not talking about cloning the content, but rather building it from scratch.For example, implementing any one of the 36 Divi Elements and then customizing them to an exact specification.Once complete, do it again, and again.Don’t cheat and say, “I got this”.Build it 10 times.

This may feel redundant, but the purpose in this expertise is to build muscle memory.  This way, when you need to build something, you can do it very fast.How fast?

When you can build an entire website in 30 minutes, from start to finish, you can call yourself a Divi Ninja Master.  It really is possible to build an entire website in 30 minutes, (provided you already have the content that you can copy and paste into the pages you have created).

The faster you are able to implement a technique, be it placing a gradient background on a given page or putting a shadow effect on a box, the more websites you will be able to build. The more websites you are able to build, the more money you can earn.

Just remember, you can only do this after you have developed muscle memory for given techniques.  Again, the sole purpose for this exercise is to develop muscle memory.

STEP 2 to Becoming a Divi Ninja Master

Follow the weekly tutorials offered by Elegant Themes.Elegant Themes offers some incredibly well written tutorials on how to do things in Divi.  Their content writers are outstanding, and they absolutely know what they are doing.  Donjete Vuniqi is one such freelance writer who definitely knows her stuff.

I love that Elegant Themes offer this information for free.Completely free.  You can sign up for these free tutorials for free, (and they won’t spam you), or if you prefer, just bookmark their website by visiting https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/.

Taking the time to learn a new technique only adds to your arsenal.  The more you learn from their free resources, the better you become.The better you become, the more clients you can attain, which in turn, allows you to earn more money.

What does following these two steps do for you?  They make you better, and they keep you at the top of your game.

How do you know when you have transformed from a fledgling grasshopper to a Divi Ninja Master?  When you are able to teach someone who knows nothing about Divi to build a website using Divi, and they themselves get better and better the more they use it, then you will have become a Divi Noinja Master.

Surround Yourself With Wise Counsel 

It baffles me just how many people attempt to do something, . . . anything, and completely ignore wisdom.  Wisdom has your best interest at heart.  Wisdom WANTS you to succeed, do listen to her.  Even if you are a Divi Ninja Master, and have the creativity of Michael DeAngelo, if you ignore wise counsel, you will fail. If you do not learn from the mistakes of others, you are bound to make them yourself.  So, don’t be foolish.  Take wise counsel from those in your industry who have been down the road that you are now traveling. 

Follow incredibly talented Divi users on YouTube and Facebook.  Learn everything you can from the best.   Why?  Because you become who you allow to influence you.

I want to encourage not to only receive counsel from your friends or colleagues.  My reasoning is because they are your friends, and they may not want to tell you what you need to hear. 

Instead, post a site you have created in a forum you respect, and ask for people to critique your site.  Note that I said, “a forum that you respect”.  Respectable forums will defend good design.   This is not easy, and it will probably hurt.  People can be very mean and often (more often than not), will only criticize your work because they themselves are either jealous of what you have created, or don’t like that you are trying to better yourself by asking for a critique.  To quote Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate”. 

There is no need to waste your time defending yourself, just take the few comments from those that actually are taking the time to offer constructive criticism, and learn from them. If you become part of a forum community of like-minded Divi designers, you may find that other members will defend your design, putting the “haters” back in their place.

Plan For The Long Haul

There is no such thing as “get rich quick”.  If there were, everybody would be doing it (OK, lots of people do play the lottery, but you get my point).   If you want to be successful in building your business, you have to think long term.  This is why I recommended that you follow the two Steps listed above under, “Become a Divi Ninja Master”. Hone your skills.  By doing so, you become more valuable.  BIG time.  The more you hone your skills, the faster you can develop websites, and gain clients who will recommend other clients. Your objective is not to get one client and be done with it.  That is short-term thinking.  Your objective is to turn that one client into 5 others.  Here’s how:

Go above and beyond for your client  Not only should you never “penny-pinch”, but go way above and beyond.  Over-deliver what you a greed to.  If they ask for more, just give it.  Think of it as an investment into the relationship.  Trust me, this will pay of BIG dividends later.  Remember, your goal is to turn this one client into 5 clients form this one client.

Over-communicate with your client This can not be over-stated.  Clear communication does not cut it.  Over-communicate with your client.  This build confidence and credibility.  It shows the client that you really do care about their business and for them personally.  If you over-communicate, trust is established quickly.  You very well may get referrals even before the project is complete.

Follow-up with your client after the site is complete with the following frequency:

One week after site completion This is where you want to ask the client if they have found any errors in the copy they provided you with, and of course, offer to make any and all corrections are at no cost.  Ask if they know of anybody who might benefit from a website like the one you have created for them.

One month after site completion You may ask if they found that there were any additional pages that they found that they should have asked you to create.  Offer to build them at no cost saying, “As a courtesy I will build these for you at no additional cost to you”.  Ask if they know of anybody who might benefit from a website like the one you have created for them.

Three Months after site completion After three months, you should ask if there are any additional pages that they may like you to add to their site.  You can charge for these pages if you wish, but offer them at a discounted rate (20%).  Again, your purpose is to turn this client into 5 others.  them if they are in need of another website that they would like you to build for them.  Offer them a 20% discount, and don’t skimp out on this discount.

Six months after site completion Here you will ask them what you asked them the last time you spoke with them, but this time, you will also ask them if they are in need of another website that they would like you to build for them.  Offer them a 20% discount, and don’t skimp out on this discount.  Additionally, ask if they know of anybody who might benefit from a website like the one you have created for them.

One year after site completion Ask them here what you asked them at the six month interval.  Ask them if they are in need of another website that they would like you to build for them.  Offer them a 20% discount, and don’t skimp out on this discount.  Finally, Ask if they know of anybody who might benefit from a website like the one you have created for them.

You may think that you will get ripped off, and some may do just that, but if you choose your clients wisely, the odds of them taking advantage of you are slim.  Even if they “rip you off” by taking advantage of you, if you follow my recommendations above, they will recommend your services.  Think of it as an investment.  The payoff will well be worth the investment.

It’s tempting NOT to ask for the referral.  Always ask for the referral. 

At each interval mentioned above, ask if they know of anyone who needs a website built.  Remind them that you will be able to build it as quickly as you built theirs.  Remind them that you will communicate with the person they refer to you, just as thoroughly as you have communicated with them. 

Everybody like to refer good services, because it makes them look good. Because you will have followed up with them 5 times (by phone or in person), whenever they hear of someone who needs a website built, your name will roll off the tip of their tongue.

Give, And Then Give More

If you have not already picked up on my philosophy of business, in a nutshell, I’m a firm believer going way above and beyond.

Before you tune me out, let me state that I am not suggesting that you get ripped off, or that you allow your client to “take advantage” of you. Simply incorporate that into your job quote.

When you go above and beyond, when you over-deliver for your client, you are almost assured a referral.

Nothing comes free. Stop trying to take advantage of your client. Instead, over-deliver, go way above and beyond. When you do, you will develop a reputation of truly serving your clients.

As mentioned earlier, clients love to tell other people how well they were served. For a moment, let’s say that “Maria” were to tell her colleagues at work,

“I have this web guy, who is so great. He delivered way more than we agreed to, and he follows up with me every so often just to ensure that all my needs are taken care of”.

Who doesn’t want that guy working for them?!  Any time one of Maria’s colleagues needs a website, they will immediately think of Maria’s “Web guy”. Here’s why: People want a good experience. You may be a mediocre designer, but if you give the client an unforgettable positive experience, you will get a lot of referrals. . You will get more referrals than the exceptionally creative designer who does not care about the client.

If your primary concern is with the client and their needs, (even perceived needs), you will always come out on top. Are you seeing it? Do you now see how YOU can become a Divi Ninja Master? Do you now see that You CAN develop a web-design business using Divi, one that is both successful and profitable?  Follow this advice and you will earn more money and establish a great reputation in this industry.

Related Questions

Is there a limit as to how much I serve the client?
What will distinguish you from every other web-designer out there is how well you serve the client.  Therefore, you should not think of it as a chore, but rather as an investment.  Remember, they will tell their friend about you.

How can I develop a business when I know nothing about business?
Learn everything you can from people who are already doing what you want to become.  Study how they conduct their business.  Then out-serve them.  People are always attracted to service.